The Impossibility of Nothing Proves You Are Infinite

You are not and can never be nothing, so if somebody ever makes you think you are, they are wrong, if you ever think you are, you are wrong. It is impossible for you to be nothing. And I can prove this, but to do so I have to answer the question of why we exist.

However, before getting onto that as ever with the Equations of Life Series I start with an equation:

Infinity = the existence of something everywhere 

Nothing = Nothing

With that said now on to answering the question of why we exist.

Why do we exist?

This is a question many people have tried to answer, in fact, it is likely a question that every person has at some point in their life tried to answer. This is my answer, and for me it is an obvious answer, and in this obvious answer lies the proof of the fact that you can never be nothing. So the reason we exist is also the reason why you will never be nothing.

But what is my answer, well it is quite simple, we exist because “nothing” in the literal sense is impossible. Yes you read that right, the reason we exist in my view is for the simple reason that it is impossible for nothing to exist. So we exist because “nothing” is impossible which means by default everything must at some point be possible except nothing. We are something and we exist only because of that fact.

How “nothing” in the literal sense is impossible

Where there is nothing, there cannot be something, ever, that is to say there cannot be infinite nothingness, because nothing is nothing therefore it exists nowhere and in no directions. Where there is something, there cannot be nothing anywhere which brings me to infinity, if there is something it must be infinite and if something is infinite then there cannot be nothing anywhere, meaning where there is nothing there is nothing and where there is infinity there is something everywhere but nothing nowhere.

This means we exist for the same reason everything exists, because nothing does not exist. To explain, imagine infinity, anyone can do it, all you have to do is imagine running along a corridor with no end; now prove it exists, again simple, start counting from one and try to find the last number, you can’t because there is no last number, you can keep counting forever.

Now imagine nothingness, it’s impossible because there cannot be nothing therefore you cannot imagine it because you are something and you cannot imagine yourself and everything else out of existence because by the very nature of your efforts you are creating something, and that something is your version of nothing which is not actually nothing but something because you have created it. Only nothing is nothing. And nothing is nothing.

Therefore, if there is something, and we are something and everything around us is something, there is no nothing, and if there is no nothing there must be infinity because without infinity there is nothing, which again proves there is no nothing.

So the reason we exist is simply because nothing does not and thus infinity does, and in a world where there is infinity there can never be nothing, just as in a world where there is nothing they can never be infinity, and in this world there is infinity, and proof of this is the fact we exist and infinity exists and because infinity is infinity, existence will exist in all forms at all times in every direction forever.

Therefore, if ever you feel like you’re nothing, you’re not, because no one can ever be nothing, it doesn’t exist and we’re the proof.

And if you’re wondering what you are, you are infinitely something, and you will always be infinitely something, and if you doubt this look in the mirror and see yourself, the existence of which proves you are not nothing, but something because you exist.

That’s all from me for today, stay safe!

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