How Focusing on the Positives Helped Me to Stop Living in the past

It is so easy to get lost in the past, I used to be lost in the past, however, by changing the way that I thought about the past, by looking for the positives, I left the past behind and found the present. In this post I talk about exactly how I did this and how anyone can.

Why It’s So Important Never To Give Something To Someone That You Don’t Like Giving

Imagine spending ten pounds to buy eight pounds, any person who agreed to this would be mad. Yet frequently when it comes to relationships this is exactly what people do. In this post David Graham talks about why it’s so important not to fall into this trap and how to avoid doing so.

How to Stop People Taking Advantage of You

If you’re the type of person that frequently finds themselves being taken advantage of, the most important thing you need to do if you wish to stop people in future taking advantage, is to first understand just how people are able to so frequently take advantage of you. In this blog post David Graham discusses just that, how people take advantage of you and how to stop people from doing so in the future.

You Are Not Boring – This Is Why

When a person calls you boring, what are they actually saying? That they do not enjoy what you enjoy, and that’s it, they are saying nothing else, you are not boring you just have different likes. If a person repeatedly calls you boring, and makes you feel like you are a boring person, and thatContinue reading “You Are Not Boring – This Is Why”

This Is Success and How You Achieve It

Success, what is it and how do you achieve it? Today I am going to look at both those questions, but firstly as ever with the Equations of Life Series, I start with an equation: Quantifying what success is for you + fighting to achieve it = success Success is an entirely individualised experience, meaningContinue reading “This Is Success and How You Achieve It”

How to Use Your Past to Predict Your Future

Being able to see the future is an extremely handy tool, but how do you do it? I will of course get to that but first as ever with the Equations of Life Series I start with an equation: Understanding of the past + Understanding of the Present = Ability to predict the future IfContinue reading “How to Use Your Past to Predict Your Future”

Why the Reason We Exist Proves We Are All Infinitely Something

You are not and will never be nothing, and in this post David Graham talks about how the link between nothingness and infinity is the ultimate proof of this.

The Three Most Important Traits You Need to Be Positive

The key to positivity is learning to remove negativity from your life, and training your mind to find the positives in everything. In this post David Graham talks about how to do just that.

A Comprehensive Guide For Learning How to Spend Your Time More Wisely

One of the best ways to learn how to make better use of your time is to identify how you are spending your time, and then use that information to make improvements to how you spend your time. In this post David Graham presents a comprehensive guide for how to do just that.