The Art of Manipulation Series

A hand controlling a puppet signifying manipulation of the person

They Art of Manipulation Series Explained

Manipulation is like anything in this world, sometimes it can be used for good like for example in hypnotherapy, sometimes it can be used for bad purposes for example to trick people into doing things that they don’t want to do.

This series of posts looks at all the ways manipulation can be used for both good and bad, along with all the methods people use to manipulate others.

So everything found in this series will be about manipulation, from how people manipulate others and how people can identify if they are being manipulated, to how to stop yourself from being manipulated, even to how people can manipulate themselves into achieving a goal. No topics are off-limits.

Quote which reads I'm not your slave

How to Stop People Taking Advantage of You

If you’re the type of person that frequently finds themselves being taken advantage of, the most important thing you need to do if you wish to stop people in future taking advantage, is to first understand just how people are able to so frequently take advantage of you. In this blog post David Graham discusses just that, how people take advantage of you and how to stop people from doing so in the future. Continue reading How to Stop People Taking Advantage of You

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