Life Philosophies Series

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Life Philosophies Series Explained

This series is basically a note to my younger self, so basically I write about all the lessons and advice that if I could I would give to my younger self. Or rather these are the things that I wish I’d known when I was younger.

Quote which reads if instead of hating on people, we took a moment and tried relating to people, the world would be a much better place

Relating Not Hating Is the Path To Being Heard

This is the second post in the series I’m writing about all the lessons I would love to teach my younger self if I had the chance, and it’s about people with opposing views and how we deal with them. In my view one of the biggest problems the world has is that large numbers of people when they come across a person who has a different opinion to them, rather than wanting to understand why they think differently, want … Continue reading Relating Not Hating Is the Path To Being Heard

Quote which reads even when alone the rain stops falling and the rainbow forms, but only when you find that someone who sees the same rainbow as you, will the storm truly end

Find People Who Are on the Same Wavelength As You

In my view there is nothing in this world that has the power to make us feel more lonely and unhappy, than sharing it with people who don’t understand us. And it is so easy for such a thing to happen, sometimes literally our lives will be filled with great people, we may think our partner is great, our family are great, our friend network is great, our work colleagues are great. But here is the thing in my view, … Continue reading Find People Who Are on the Same Wavelength As You

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