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Time Management Series Explained

It is impossible for any of us to ever stop moving, and not because of the Earth’s rotation, nor because of the Earth’s orbit around the sun.

Even if the Earth became dead still in space, it did not drift through space, it did not rotate in space, it was just dead still, and on that dead still Earth we stood dead still we would still be moving, the reason being, time.

No matter where we stand we are always moving forwards through time, which means that time is the one thing that once we’ve spent we can never get back.

That makes time the most valuable resource, not money, not love, not diamonds, nothing is more precious than time because without time everything else is worthless. Not even family is worth more than time, because what is a family without time to spend with them?

This is why it is so important to learn how to spend your time wisely, yet despite this the majority of people do not learn how to do this until they have spent the vast majority of their time on this earth.

The reason for this is simply because time moves so fast that by the time we realise how much has passed it is too late, or rather we forget that time is a dwindling resource and therefore when we have lots of it are careless with it and unable to comprehend how precious it is until we do not have much left.

This is a typically human trait, when we have lots of something we spend it in wild abandon and are thus careless with it. For example take the average person on payday, feeling flush with cash they let loose and as a result go on to spend the rest of the month living off scraps.

However, unlike with payday which comes once a month meaning when we lose cash we can make more, once we’ve spent time we cannot make more. But what we can do is learn to spend the time we have remaining more wisely, and that’s what this series of posts is about, looking at all the ways we can better learn to spend our time.

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The Six Most Proven Methods for How to Gain More Free Time over the Course of Your Life

Time is a finite resource which is why it’s so important to try to make the most of the time that you have, but with the world becoming more frantic an increasing number of studies are showing that the amount of free time people have is decreasing. With this in mind these are the six most proven methods that I have found for how to gain more free time over the course of a lifetime. Continue reading The Six Most Proven Methods for How to Gain More Free Time over the Course of Your Life

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