A topless picture of David Graham flexing his muscles, his sixpack on show

Want Killer Abs? This Is What You Need to Know

Everybody wants to have killer abs, well perhaps not everybody but there are a lot of people who would like to have a killer set of abs at least once in their life. The trouble is getting great abs is extremely difficult, and not just for the vast majority of people, for everyone, I know this because even though I am one of those who are lucky enough to have been blessed with great ab genetics, or rather my problem is not losing weight it is putting weight on, getting killer abs was still very difficult, even harder was trying to keep hold of those killer abs.

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But I did get them, the proof is in the headline picture of this post, which is a picture of me. Below is another picture of me, but this time one that is not edited. And at this point I wish to add that I’m no expert, I’m not a personal trainer, I’ve never entered any physique competitions, I’m just a guy who had good abs, but in my quest to get good abs I’ve learnt a lot about just what a person needs to do to get great abs.

David Graham mirror selfie with his top off, sixpack on show

Disclaimer: even though the picture above is not edited, I was standing in the perfect lighting, which is any lighting that fills the crevices in your abs with shadow. A little trick for anybody wondering why their abs don’t look as good on picture as those of others, the key to making muscles really pop is lighting which fills all the crevices that muscles create with shadow. So basically shadow acts like a pencil and draws in all the muscles.

Anyhow, getting back on track I thought it would be good to write a post about how I got great abs, or rather how people in general with killer abs actually got their killer abs, just what it is they had to do to get them. And all people who have good abs, from those with abs like mine to those with world-class abs do it in the same way. Or at least I believe that they do.

Now there are literally millions and millions of posts out there in which it is claimed that you’re only months away from getting those killer abs of your dreams if only you do what they tell you. I wish to be clear at this point that this post is not one of them. And that’s because as the majority of people probably know, all those posts are a load of rubbish, or rather they are a load of rubbish to most people as the only people who are ever months away from a killer set of abs are the people who have already put in more often than not years of work.

That means that the people who get killer abs off the back of following the advice in such posts are the ones who were already well on the way to having them in the first place. Or rather they had already put in the hard work and made the sacrifices needed, it is just they needed that last little push to get over the line, and that’s where the advice in these posts which promise that you are only months away from killer abs comes into play, as they can help some people work out what it is they need to do to get over that line.

And work out is very much the word, but not gym workout, mentally work out because the key to getting great abs is not in gym workouts or diet plans but in just how willing you are to spend enough time to learn what it is you need to do to get the killer abs you so want. That means that the key to killer abs is not in the gym but in your desire to learn how to train in the gym, added to your desire to incorporate your learnings into your training and diet plans.

That means in this post I’m not going to tell you about some secret workout plan, or some secret diet plan that should you follow will lead to you getting killer abs, because there is no secret workout or diet plan, but there is a secret which in reality is not that much of a secret it is just people never really talk about it, but in this post I’m going to. With that said, let’s get to it, how do you actually get killer abs?

The truths you need to know to get killer abs

There are three key elements that you need to understand to get killer abs:

  • Exercise
  • Diet
  • Genetics

Many people reading this will no doubt think that pointing out the above is pointing out the obvious, but where I believe that many people go wrong is in not understanding how the three are completely and entirely interlinked. To explain, the amount of exercise and the type of exercise, along with the sort of dieting that you will need to do to get abs, is completely and entirely defined by your genetics.

And here is the thing, everyone’s genetics are different, there are no two people on this planet that have the same genetics. It is simply a fact of life, there may be people who have similar genetics but there are never people with identical genetics, that means that every person has to follow their own path to getting killer abs. That means that your exercise plan, your diet plan, everything that you need to do to get the abs of your dreams, has to be tailored completely and entirely to you and you alone.

At first glance the previous statement may sound like an advert for personal trainers, it is not. Personal trainers can help you with working out what this plan is, and in fact really good ones can help you learn more about your own body than you ever could alone, but they cannot give you a plan they can only help you find a plan that is right for you.

Or rather a personal trainer’s job is not to just give you an exercise or diet plan, it is to work with you to help you learn which exercise and diet plan is best suited to helping you achieve your goal. That means that the key factor to getting abs is actually self learning, specifically in regards to understanding the way your body works and responds to exercise and diet.

There is simply no escaping it, every person’s body reacts differently to different exercises and different exercise styles, some people need to do a lot of cardio to get great abs, some people need to stay as far away from cardio as possible. Some people need to eat a lot of carbs, some people need to cut out as many carbs as they can.

To get great abs you have to experiment with all of this and work out what your body best responds to. Like said a really good personal trainer can help you in this regard, but not without a substantial input from you. That means that it doesn’t matter whether it be through learning from a personal trainer or whether it be through learning from the Internet or whatever, the key is still the same, not in your desire to train in the gym or eat right, which is important for staying healthy but not for getting killer abs, but in your desire to first learn how your body responds to different forms of exercise and diet, and to second carry out the exercise and dietary requirements that you have worked out best suit your genetics.

That means that the key to getting great abs is self learning through trial and error, so experimenting with exercise, experimenting with diet, studying exercise and dieting techniques, dedicating much time to learning and retrospective thinking. This is of course why it can take some people such a long time. For example, a person may experiment with an exercise and diet plan for six months only to realise at the end of it that it was not right for them in regards to achieving their goal, in which case they will need to learn from the experience and create a different exercise and diet plan.

If you don’t understand what the meaning of this is, it means that you are going to have to spend a lot of time not just in the gym, not just dieting, but experimenting with different exercises and different types of diets. That means you are in all probability going to have to spend more time learning about gym training and dieting than you are going to spend training in the gym, and considering how much time you will need to spend in the gym and working on your diet that means that to get killer abs you’re going to have to sacrifice a very large amount of time.

And in regards to how long it can take, it can take a very long time. Some people are lucky and they are already near enough eating the right diet and due to the way they live their lives are already not far away from having killer abs, which is why they are able get themselves a killer set of abs in a period of 6 to 12 months. Most people though not as lucky, and in fact some people can train in the gym every day, working unbelievably hard in there, really tearing the place up, they can spend much time trying to get their diet right, working out the right level of carbs, protein, everything and yet still not have killer abs.

In fact some people despite the time they spend in the gym, and despite their efforts to get their diet right, and despite the fact they’ve been trying for years, the closest they will get to abs will be looking at a picture of Zac Efron in Baywatch. And that is not because it is impossible for them to have great abs, it is just that they either have not worked out what it is they need to do to get great abs, or know what it is they have to do but either it is simply too great of an ask for them to do it or they simply have not done it yet for whatever reason.

And this really is where genetics can play a part, some people the price they have to pay, the sacrifices they would have to make to get great abs, it is simply too great meaning despite all the time and effort they put in it just ain’t gonna happen.

This is why one of the key factors to getting killer abs for the majority of people is a love of exercise, specifically gym training. If you don’t love the gym and are lucky enough to have great genetics then you may be able to get great abs, but there are very few people who are this lucky.

Final words

In conclusion the key to having killer abs is self learning, you have to study exercise and diet and experiment with your own body to see which exercise and diet plans work best for you, and that takes a lot of time and requires much hard work. Which is why a love of the gym is so important. Or rather if somebody hates reading and hates writing, then it’s not likely that they are ever going to write a book. They may want to write a book, they may dream of having a book published, but it ain’t gonna happen. And even when it does happen more often than not it is a flash in the pan.

That means if you want killer abs you have to teach yourself to love the fitness lifestyle, to love the gym, to love exercise, to love the sense of achievement that comes with eating your perfect diet, that comes with achieving your perfect workout. And note the “your”, people always assume diet means cutting food out, but it does not, in fact often with the gym diet means eating a lot of food, just always the right foods for you.

Anyhow, that’s all from me for today, in the next post on this topic I intend to talk about the exercise and diet tricks that worked best for me in regards to getting great abs. But for now stay safe! And remember that anyone who is willing to put in the work, who wants killer abs, can have them, it just takes a whole lot of self learning! But if you want that set, go out and get it!

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