Quote which reads the only way to change your life is to change the environment you are living in

Your Environment Is Key To Your Success

Before starting this post I wish to make clear that this is a very long post, it will at times feel repetitive and will at times feel like hard work, but if you wish to know the key to success you must take in every single word, the reason being to fully understand and comprehend the point being made you really need to think in depth about just what it is that is being said. Or rather to really take advantage of what is being said you need to be able to fully understand the true implications of the point being made.

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For any who can’t be bothered to read the post in its entirety, before starting I will leave you with the final sentence of the post:

You do not define your environment, your environment defines you, it defines who you are and who you can be, only by understanding the true implications of what that means can you ever hope to have any chance of achieving success.

Now with that said, to those that are still reading let’s get started. Humans, that means us, are adaptive creatures, that means we always adapt to the role most suited to us for the environment that we are living in. Or rather whichever role provides us with the greatest chance of surviving in the environment we are living in is the role that we will take on.

This is why in rural communities where there is no technology women take up the role of housewives and men work the land, it is also why since the move to cities and the advancement of technology the roles have become far more interchangeable, and it is no longer gender which predominantly defines who is the main breadwinner it is ability. That is in the past men’s physical strength added to the fact that women carried the children meant in the environment in which people lived men being the breadwinner and women being the housewife made sense. When the environment changed so did that status quo.

That means we do not as such define our environment our environment defines us. For example imagine twenty-two people want to play a game of football but all of them see themselves as strikers. It is impossible to have a game of football, or rather it is impossible to have a good game of football when all the players are playing striker, that means that even though the twenty-two involved see themselves as strikers if they want to have a game of football they are going to have to adapt to the role that they are best suited to in the present environment. Or rather in an environment where there are only strikers to play football the majority won’t get to play as strikers.

That means that the best strikers of the twenty-two will be the only ones who get to be the strikers, the others will take up the other roles, or rather those who are best in goal of the twenty-two will play in goal, those who are best in defence will play in defence, those who are best in midfield will play in midfield.

The reason that they will do this is because it is the only way that in the present environment they can play football. Meaning they have no choice if they wish to play a game of football in this environment other than to play the role that they are most suited to for the environment in which they are in. The only other option available to those not able to play striker in this environment is to change their environment and find a one where they are able to play the role of striker. Or rather find an environment in which they are either the only strikers or the best strikers of the twenty-two.

This is something we actually do in every environment in which we are in, whether it be in the workplace where we take up jobs we may not like doing but have no choice but to do because the jobs we would like to do already have people doing them who can either do them good enough not to need to be replaced or who can do them simply better than us. And in environments where there are people doing the jobs that we would like to do, and where we cannot ever hope to displace them, often what we do is look for another job which will allow us to be able to do the job that we want to do. So like in the football example, where we can’t be the striker we look for a team where we can be, but if no such team exists we will play the role we are most suited to for the environment which we are in.

That means environment is everything, and one thing that is in our nature is always to adapt to our environment and take up the role that we are most suited to in our present environment. Or rather specialising in something is far better in regards to survival than being a jack of all trades, this is of course why the majority of species have a male and female, for example in the human race, the male body is designed to be an efficient protecting machine, while the female body is designed to be the ultimate babymaking machine. Or rather a race in which there is a male who is able to protect and provide for the female while she is carrying the child, has a far greater chance of survival than a race where one person has two protect themselves while carrying the child, so an asexual race.

Specialising is king when it comes to surviving, the more people are able to specialise in set vocations the better chance a race has at surviving, just look at the modern world, everyone now specialises in something. Even if it is working in a McDonald’s or as a cleaner, they are specialising in their role and in doing so helping to create a stronger society.

So basically humans have evolved to be a race of specialists, meaning it is in our nature to specialise in the role which for the environment in which we live in we are most suited, because doing so gives us all the best chance of survival.

Before going on as this is a part of the Equations of Life Series, as always I include an equation:

Living environment + skill sets = role a person will play

People often say that if women ruled the world it would be a better place, but is that actually true and would the world be a different or even a better place if women ruled in place of men? Before attempting to answer that question let’s first take a moment and work out what people mean when they say if women ruled the world.

Well they are saying that if women controlled the majority of the wealth that the world would be a better place. Or rather that’s basically what people mean when they say if women ruled the world, they are saying if women controlled the majority of the wealth the world would be a better place, because of course wealth grants power and those who have the wealth inevitably rule the world. With that said and with us now knowing the question we are going to attempt to answer, let’s attempt to answer it.

The most probable answer is it would likely be little different to what it is now, the reason being all that would most likely happen would be that the women would act as the men who predominantly who have the power presently do. Or rather the corruptible men are always at war with the non-corruptible men which leads to all the chaos and fighting, in a world where women ruled the corruptible women would always be at war with the non-corruptible women which would lead to the chaos and the fighting.

Power corrupts and it does not matter which gender rules the one in power would be tasked with trying to keep the people who have been corrupted by power from abusing that power, and that reality would inevitably always lead to chaos and fighting. So what creates chaos and fighting is nothing to do with gender it is to do with environment, good people have to try to stop bad people from doing bad things and that will always lead to chaos and fighting. That means women if they had all the wealth would simply take up the fight which men historically have fought, and the people they would be fighting would be predominantly the corruptible women who would take up the mantle of the corruptible men.

The proof of this being the most likely reality is evidenced by the fact that as women increasingly gain power more and more women are fighting for justice but at the same time more and more women are committing crimes, whether that be through abusing their partner, robberies, muggings, violence, acts of terrorism, cheating and more. For example at current it is believed that domestic abuse happens when split by gender at a ratio of about fifty-five percent male on female and forty-five percent female on male. That means near enough for every three male abusers, there are two female abusers.

The reason for the greater number of male abusers is believed to be predominantly because of the fact that men are largely physically stronger than women, men’s physical advantage is also believed to be behind the reason why the male on female murder rate in abusive relationships is so high when compared to the female on male murder rate in abusive relationships which in comparison is negligible. But let us for a moment consider what would happen if overnight women became the physically stronger, what would happen to the ratios? The politically correct answer would probably be to say that abuse would go down along with the murder rate, but the most likely reality would be the roles would be reversed, women would take up the mantle of carrying out abuse at a higher rate than men and men would be the ones being predominantly murdered by their partners.

And that’s because abuse is the result of a person’s environment, if one gains power over another and that one is corruptible then inevitably they will go on to abuse that power. This is of course why the top method for dealing with abuse is to remove the person being abused from the environment in which they are living, even though preferably people’s preference would be to remove and prosecute the abuser. So the evidence shows that if women ruled largely the world would be as it is now, the proof being that as women gain more power they are using it to do exactly what men have been using it to do, either fight the good fight or fight the bad fight.

But let’s imagine things a step further, let’s imagine a world where there are no women, what would that world be like? It would be exactly like the present world the reason being, and this is assuming of course that the men of this world had found a way to create babies so the human race could go on, the men would split into two separate groups, the alpha men and the beta men, the alpha men would be the ones who have all the power and the beta men would be the ones who in effect would take up the roles that we predominantly apply to women of the present day. So the ones with less power.

There is of course evidence of this and that evidence can be seen in any prison, where the stronger men tend to take the weaker men as their partners. Or rather the stronger men tend to play the role that we typically associate as being held by men, and the weaker men in a way tend to take the role that we typically associate as being held by women. Or rather to put it crassly as they do in prisons, there is the top dog and the bitch. Or rather the alpha and the beta.

That means that in this environment the people adapted to the roles most suited to them to create a functioning unit within the environment in which they were presently living, or rather they specialised in the role that they were most capable of specialising in. Perhaps a little bit crass considering this reality in this scenario but the theory holds true, and the same of course would happen in a woman only world, the women would split into predominantly two genders, the alpha women and the beta women. Meaning whether in a world of only men or a world of only women, whether in a world ruled by men, or in a world ruled by women, the world would be near enough no different to as it is right now. Even down to the existence of rape culture, for example in a world without men, if the environment was exactly like it is right now but there were no men rape culture would be near enough exactly as it is right now, the only difference would be that it would be the corruptible alpha women who were predominantly the guilty party.

We are adaptive creatures and we will always adapt to our environment, or rather we will always take up the role we are most capable of specialising in in the environment in which we are living, and the ones who gain power in this environment will always be either corrupted by it or fighting against the ones that have been corrupted by it. That is why the best environment for us to live in is a one in which it is difficult to abuse power.

Presently we can see this happening, in the modern environment physical strength and overly aggressive masculine behaviour are no longer important traits for the breadwinner to have, which is why women are increasingly becoming breadwinners. It is also why so many men like the Harvey Winston’s of the world are being brought down, because women are using their newfound power to bring down men who have for years abused their power, something which is a very good thing. In fact the rise of women to man’s equal is showing that men and women together are far better at fighting for justice than men and women alone, but the only reason women are on course to become man’s equal is because the environment changed.

That environment that changed was not women deciding they wanted to be man’s equal, it was innovation which created a world where for human survival women did not have to specialise in being a housewife, which in turn allowed women to demand to be man’s equal. That means men did not hold women back, the leadership did not hold women back, the technological level of our societies of the past held women back because it meant that the role they were most suited to was housewife. Just as it meant that the majority of men were most suited to the role of working the land.

So the environment in the past kept women in the kitchen and men as labourers while the environment of the present is liberating everyone, which is benefiting all of society because it means that now the non-corruptible men and the non-corruptible women are fighting equally to bring down the corruptible men and women. And the reason they are doing this is because technological advancements, so innovations, have created a world where they are able to.

In fact it is not often mentioned but the invention of the computer has been one of the greatest equalisers of all-time, at least on the work and home side of things, simply imagine a world without computers and all the advancements that computers have brought and imagine what effect that would have on men and women on the work and home front. Without computers and the world in which computers create, imagine what role men and women would most likely play.

I have said it frequently throughout but I will say it again, environment is everything. For example, it has to be remembered that in the past women were a part of the workforce, in fact they were an equally integral part to the workforce as men were, they basically reared and raised the children. That was their job and it is and remains the most important job there is. But they were not a part of the active labour force. The reason for this was because in the environment in which they lived the role they were most suited to was raising the child, just as the role that men were most suited to was being part of the active labour force, the only reason that is no longer the status quo is because of the massive advancements which led to the changing of the environment in which we all live.

You might think at this point that this is getting a little repetitive, that this post is dragging but I would ask you to bear with me because I do have a point to make, a point which if understood will teach anyone the key to not only succeeding but bringing about change, and if the point is to be fully understood and properly appreciated everything that I’ve said needs to be understood. So this is one of those posts which is long, hard work at times to read, but if you make it to the end of the journey it will most definitely have proven worth it.

To continue, literally I cannot stress just how important it is to both acknowledge and understand that environment is literally the key to everything, from giving women the chance to enter the workplace and succeed in any vocation, to giving men the chance to be active parents even stay-at-home fathers, to giving all men and women the chance to be anything they want to be, to succeed at anything they want to succeed at. For example, who is likely to make the better stock market investor, a child raised by parents who are knowledgeable of the world of investing, and who are able to send their child to a top university where all the top investors go, or a child raised by parents who are poorly educated and cannot afford to send their child to the place where all the top investors go?

Everyone knows the answer to that question, we adapt to the role we are most suited to based on the present environment in which we live. Warren Buffett, the greatest investor of all time, if he had been raised in a world where he was unable to start investing at such a young age, where he was unable to go to the University where the great Benjamin Graham taught, where he was unable to meet the people who would help him set up his first investment company, would never have had the chance to become the greatest investor of all time.

In all probability there could be somebody out there, in fact there could be a good few out there who may have been Warren Buffett’s equal if not superior, but because they were not in the right environment they never had the chance to play the role of investor. Think of it like this, how many women in the past as a result of the environment in which they lived which meant that the role they had to play to ensure the survival of the human race was housewife, if they had lived in a different environment would not have gone on to create amazing innovations and have done amazing things?

We are all slaves to our environment which means the greatest path to success is placing yourself in an environment which gives you the best chance of succeeding at what it is you want to succeed at. That means the toughest battle for a person who wants to succeed is not learning how to do something, but learning how to place themselves in the best environment to do that something. Or rather you can’t become a professional footballer if you don’t have one, people to play football with, and two, people from top clubs scouting you. And in fact out there right now there could be many people who could have been even greater footballers than Leo Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo, it is just they never had the chance to play football because they were never in an environment which allowed it.

For example, take Bill Gates he was the right person in the right environment at the right time which is why he succeeded, but in all probability there are many people who could have created Microsoft, perhaps even created a better business with better products, but the fact is they never lived in the right environment therefore never attained the right tools and were never around the right people at the right time to be able to create Microsoft. Bill Gates on the other hand was which is why Bill Gates is Bill Gates. But imagine if Bill Gates had been born in the heart of Africa, would he have become the richest man in the world?

For example, take women again, the innovations of the last two hundred years which led to things like a strong police force, streetlamps, CCTV cameras, contraception, that led to things like the change from a hard labour workforce to a soft labour workforce, the advancements in schooling and so so much more. All of those innovations created an environment in which women can in the modern world be anything they want, but also a fact that is not much talked about, created an environment in which men can be anything they want. So in the past men and women had to play set roles, now they can be anything they want. But only if they are the right people in the right place at the right time. It doesn’t matter who you are, what your ethnicity is, what your gender is, if the environment you’re in is not the right one for you to succeed at what it is you want to achieve success at then you have no hope of achieving success unless you change your environment.

People forget this but in the past men, or rather that is men outside of the aristocracy, which is pretty much the vast majority of men, had no choice but to be the breadwinners, they could not be stay-at-home fathers even if they wanted to be. They had no choice but to work hard labour or work the land, they had no choice but to be soldiers, women had no choice but to be housewives. The way the world of the past was was defined by an environment which meant to survive men and women had to play set roles, innovation which led to a great change in the environment in which we live changed that. But it was specifically innovation that allowed for the change, take away that innovation and everything goes back to the way was. Understanding this is just so so so important.

That means that the key is and has always been the environment in which you are living in, that will define who you are and what you do with your life, that means to change your life you must change your environment, and if an environment of the type that you need to succeed does not exist then to change your life in the way that you want you must create an innovation that creates an environment that allows you to live your life in the way that you want. For example, a person may wish to live a life in which they have a lot of sex but no children, to live this life contraception is needed. Therefore, a person living in a world without contraception to live the sort of life they want to live, one with much sex but no children, needs to invent contraception. If they want to have a world in which there is oral sex, and masturbation, they need to create a world with a high level of personal hygiene, so toilet paper, running water, soap, a shower et cetera et cetera.

That means if you want to succeed find the environment which is best suited to helping you succeed in what it is you want to succeed at, and if that environment does not exist try to find an environment which will help you to create an innovation which will create that environment. The reason being if you are not in the right environment to live the life you want to live and achieve the success you want to achieve then you will never live the life you want to live or achieve the success that you want to achieve.

Only by putting yourself in the right environment can you succeed, and only by creating a new environment through innovation can you bring about wholesale societal change. More importantly than that, if you’re unhappy with your role in life, then the only way to bring about change is to change your environment. And that’s because, and this is the line I’m going to finish with, you do not define your environment, your environment defines you. It makes you who you are and defines who you can be meaning the only way you can bring about change is to change your environment, remember that and understand that and you will understand the key to success.

That’s all from me for today, stay safe!

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