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Killer Replies to Nasty Remarks

There are lots of nasty people around these days. In this post, I present some responses that you can give to some of the nasty comments that nasty people make.


“Go to hell.”

“How can I when you’re living proof I’m already in it?”


“You’re so full of shit.”

“You’re right and you’re the source.”


“You need to smile more.”

“It takes more muscles to frown than smile, and I like to keep my face fit and healthy thank you.”


“You’re so skinny, you should eat a sandwich.”

“I would love to, but clearly you’ve eaten them all.”


“You need to go on a diet.”

“You need to start living a little, then maybe you would have something more interesting to do than telling other people what they need to do.”


“You are dating someone older/younger than you, that is so wrong.”

“Jealous are you, fetishising age gaps to the point of throwing shade at people in relationships with age gaps is not healthy you know.”

Alternative: “Only four types of people would say that: someone who is ageist, someone who is butt hurt that they can’t date a person who is older/younger than themselves (so somebody who fetishises age gaps); someone who is afraid that their partner will leave them for someone younger/older i.e. someone who is dating someone who fetishises age gaps; and finally, someone who is trying to impress somebody who is all of the former and latter. Which one are you?”

Alternative II: “The only thing wrong is you creeping on my relationship, keep your ageism to yourself.”


“Your wife earns more money than you, that must suck.”

“Definitely, you’ve no idea how difficult it is having access to more money than you otherwise would.”


“You’re such a snowflake.”

“Thanks for the compliment, they really are beautiful things snowflakes.”


“You need to be more woke.”

“You mean more awake. If you want to insult me at least learn to use correct English.”


“You need to be less woke.”

“Why would I want to walk around being half asleep?”


“You’re a coward.”

“If being smart enough not to do something stupid makes me a coward, then you are correct.”


“You’re a loser.”

“As I’m having a discussion with you, clearly you are correct.”


That’s all from me, thanks for reading!

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