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How to Know If You Are Normal In Two Questions

Am I normal? It is a fair bet that every person alive will have at some point asked themselves this very question, some more than others. But how do you work out the answer? The majority of articles and posts along these lines will tell you that you don’t need to work out the answer because the answer is you are normal.

But being told that is not really very helpful, or at least I have never found it helpful, with this in mind I propose a simple test which will prove you either normal or not normal, and this test involves two questions:

Question one: In a perfect world, would you prefer to live rather than die?

Question two: In a perfect world, would you prefer to be happy rather than unhappy?

If you answered yes to both these questions then you are resoundingly normal; however, again this does not really answer the question most people when questioning if they are normal are looking to have answered. And the question that most people wish answered in regards to normal is does society think I am normal.

What society thinks whether we like it or not has the power to greatly affect our lives, and those that society deems not normal unfortunately more often than not tend to struggle due to being more often than not rejected by society.

But if you’re reading this looking for an answer of whether you are normal by society standards, you are further proving that you are normal because one of the most normal societal traits is for people to want to be normal, yet to worry that they are not.

Again though this does not answer the question of whether you are normal by society standards, and that’s because it’s an extremely difficult question to answer namely because different societies have different ideas for what is normal, and even within those different societies different sections of the people that make up those societies again have different views within themselves for what is normal.

The reason for this is because normal is nothing more than an average, or rather what is normal is defined by the law of averages. For example, if in a society of a thousand people seven hundred decide that the best breakfast is a bowl of cereal and thus have it every morning, then in this society it would be normal from a societal perspective for a person to have a bowl of cereal for breakfast.

But just because seven hundred people decide to have cereal for breakfast does not mean that it is odd for a person to have porridge for breakfast, or a full English. It just means that seven hundred people prefer cereal as their daily choice of breakfast and three hundred prefer an alternative.

And this is the problem with societal norms, just because you don’t follow them doesn’t mean you are doing something odd it just means you are doing something different to what the majority are doing, and more often than not that different could quite easily have been the norm under different circumstances.

That’s because normal in regards to societal norms is nothing more than an ever changing ideological dream created by ever changing current trends that exist more often than not solely to make people buy things. So to emphasise, in the modern world politicians and salesmen are the main dictators of what normal looks like from a societal perspective. That is to say if the alternatives are no better nor worse and yet we are doing it we are only doing it because we have been sold it.

To explain let us use the cereal example, a salesman may have come up with a brilliant pitch to sell cereal for breakfast, which is why seven hundred of the one thousand people in our imaginary society are now eating it.

However, the year after another salesman may come up with a brilliant sales pitch for porridge, in which case cereal could be replaced by porridge as the top choice of breakfast for the society. Cereal is not better than porridge and porridge is not better than cereal. Yet one year it is normal to have cereal and the next it is normal to have porridge, but only because the majority of people one year elected to have cereal and the next elected to have porridge.

And yet the irony is, the majority that make up the new normal of eating porridge for breakfast may be slightly different to the majority that made up the old normal of eating cereal, namely because some of those who ate cereal will continue to eat cereal rather than changing to porridge meaning they will join the non-normal crowd, while those who already ate porridge who a year ago were part of the non-normal crowd will now be part of the new normal crowd.

In a way it is like an election, some will vote for the same party no matter what, others are floating voters, but just because the party with the majority wins does not mean those who voted for the opposition are not normal.

However, for some reason this is exactly what happens in society when people do something different to the majority. It is completely illogical on many levels namely because as everybody knows it is extremely beneficial to have an opposition party that is well backed, which means that those in the minority play an extremely important role in keeping society balanced.

Yet notice how angry many get at those who voted for a party different to the one that they themselves voted for. Fear of being on the receiving end of this type of reaction is the most likely reason you are reading this post, because everybody knows there are those who are completely intolerant of any person who does things different to them.

And it is entirely normal to not want to be around these sorts of people, and it should be noted if you think like this that is yet further proof you are normal. What is also normal is to think that to be accepted you need to be accepted by these people.

You don’t but that does not mean it is not normal to think that you do. And the reason it is normal to think that you do is because the majority fear that if they are not accepted by the people around them then they will end up alone. But just because they think it does not mean it is right.

And in this truth is the question that the majority of people who read this likely want answered, does the way I do things, mean that people will not want to connect with me because they do things differently. Or rather if I show my true self to a person or people will they reject me because of the way I am.

Unfortunately I cannot answer that question, in fact nobody can answer that question but you, and the only way to answer it is to put yourself out there. I wish I could offer you another way of doing it, but there is no other way. To prove that you are normal by societal standards you need to reveal who you are to people and they will either accept you or reject you based on who you are.

That means that the reason most people believe they are not normal is because the people around them make them believe as such because they do things differently. That means the key to changing the way people think about you is not by changing who you are or how you do things but by changing the people you are around.

Namely if the people around you do things differently and treat you as different and that makes you feel alienated, then you are hanging around with the wrong people. In which case to answer the question are you normal by societal standards, it depends which society you are a part of, if you’re part of one which deems you not normal, it does not mean you are not normal it just means you are part of the wrong society.

And remember I am using the word society loosely here, a society does not have to be a nation, a city, or anything like that, it could be a group of friends, they could be a society within their own right. For this reason numerous society’s exist within societies. For example if we stick with our example society of one thousand, seven hundred are now eating porridge, and for the society as a whole it is normal to eat porridge.

But for those still eating cereal should they seek each other out, they would make up a society within a society, and among those who ate cereal in this society within a society it would be entirely normal to eat cereal. Another example, there may be those who eat a full English for breakfast, if those that do so instead of seeking out each other surround themselves with porridge eaters then they will be alienated, but should they seek each other out and create a society within society then instead they would be entirely normal by societal standards.

This is an important factual knowledge, which of these societies, if any that you choose to be a part of is completely your own choice, which means normal and what is defined as normal is completely and entirely of your own making. That means you get to choose what is normal, and you get to choose it by choosing which normal’s by societal standards you believe are normal, and if you believe non are normal then non are normal.

But no matter what it is completely and entirely down to you to decide. You choose what is normal for you, so to answer the question am I normal, all you have to do is look in the mirror and decide. And if your answer is no, then you are judging what is normal by the wrong parameters in which case you need to change those parameters because it’s a damn guarantee that if you answered yes to the two questions at the beginning that you are one hundred percent normal.

In which case, if it is the people around you making you feel like you are not normal, then you need to change the people you are around, if it’s your own internal belief over what is normal that is making you feel like you are not normal, then you need to change your beliefs. If it’s both, then you need to do both, and the moment that you do is the moment that you stop questioning whether you are normal and start actually proving to yourself that you are.

That’s all from me for today, stay safe!

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