Gandhi – Nonviolence Is the Most Powerful Weapon for Change

What it’s about

A lawyer, Mohandas Gandhi, returns to British India from South Africa. He begins a nationwide campaign of non-violent resistance against the British rule, pressuring Britain to liberate India.

Why you should watch it

Winner of nine Oscars, this film is a brilliant example of the power of nonviolence as a method for bringing about change. It is not a documentary as such of Gandhi it is more a snapshot of his motivations and methods for bringing about independence, but in that is its power.

This film brilliantly presents what it was Gandhi was fighting for, how he fought for it and what it was he had to overcome to achieve his goal. Most definitely worthy of watching as by the end it is impossible not to gain an understanding for just how not everything is as black-and-white as we may wish it to be.

Runtime: 191 minutes

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