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This Is Why Is What Is “Normal” Is Constantly Changing

Every post I make in which I discuss normal I highlight how what is normal for humans is completely and entirely derived from the normal human behavioural trait of wanting to do everything possible to survive.

The main way we learn to survive is by copying others, and the reason normal is constantly changing is because we are constantly changing the people we choose to copy off based on how well we judge those people to be doing at surviving. Or rather if we find somebody who is doing something in a better way than the person we are already copying off we will start copying this new person’s method instead.

We do this because we are all constantly on the lookout for ways to improve our odds of survival. For example ever done something a certain way for a long period of time, like for example the way you cook an egg, only for somebody one day to show you a better way of doing that something, like a new way to cook an egg which is better than the way you presently do it?

If you have and you started using this new method in place of the old, going on to tell your friends and family about this new method then you are living proof of why normal is constantly changing. And that is we are constantly looking for ways to do things better.

The present normal way is the way that the majority have decided is the best way to do something, but it’s a guarantee that somewhere out there someone has in all probability already come up with a new way to do it better, which is why what is normal today is most often backwards tomorrow. By the time the new way has been taken up by the majority which is required for it to become normal a better way has already been discovered and is already on course to replace that new way.

But the question is if we always copying off people and that is how new normal’s are a born how does anybody come up with new ideas? The answer is though we copy people if we see them doing something better than us, fundamentally we only copy them because we have judged that they are doing something in a better way than us, that means deep down our aim is not to copy people it is to find the best way of doing things.

That means we are powered by our own initiative and that initiative most often leads to us copying from others but not always, sometimes we make our own discoveries for how to do things better. But even when we do at the heart of those new discoveries most often are things we have learned from copying from others. In a way it is like an equation, what I learned from this person added to what I learned from that person equals me coming up with a better way for doing something.

For example imagine you learnt from one person how to make Weetabix, from a second person how to milk a cow, and from a third that adding milk to coffee is a good idea, also imagine at this point it has not been discovered that milk added to Weetabix is a good idea. Despite this you, knowing how to make Weetabix and how to milk a cow, and knowing that adding milk to coffee is a good idea, decide to experiment and rather than adding milk to coffee decide to try adding it to your Weetabix, finding that doing so is a really clever idea.

In this scenario you would have made an entirely new discovery, and yet you would have made that discovery as a result of copying from other people. Or rather you have copied off three people and yet through your own initiative of combining what you have learned from these three people have made a completely and entirely new discovery.

So the reason that we make new discoveries and thus create new normal’s is for the same reason that we copy people, we are constantly looking for the best way to survive and the best way to survive is to constantly be on the lookout for better ways of doing things.

And because we are constantly on the lookout for better ways of doing things it is inevitable that people will constantly be finding better ways of doing things which by default means that the way we do things will be constantly evolving. Which is why what is seen as normal is constantly evolving because we are constantly evolving. You are the proof of this, consider how many times in your life you have wanted to get better at doing something. This desire is why normal is constantly changing.

But this begs the question why if we are constantly looking for better ways of doing things that so many desire to hold on to what are considered to be outdated practices and beliefs. It also begs the question why more often than not people who do things differently are ostracised by society, and why those people more often than not have to fight so hard to show that their way is better.

The reason for this is again our desire to survive, any person who comes up with a new way of doing something will have to prove their new way beyond doubt before the majority will take it up. And for very good reason, imagine if people copied a trend that at first glance seemed a brilliant idea but in actual fact posed a threat to human existence, by copying this trend the entire human race would be at risk of extinction.

However, if before the majority took it up and it became the normal way for doing things this new method was questioned rigorously, then if the new method was not better and in fact did put people’s lives at risk that fact would be identified before it was taken up by the masses saving people from the danger.

This is why for any new trend to be incorporated by the whole human race, it has to be questioned unrelentingly and it is in our instinct to question anything new unrelentingly. And if you look at history you will see this process in action, ever wondered why yesterday’s normal is so often seen as today’s evil, that’s the process in action.

That means that what is “normal” to us today will be seen as prehistoric by the people of tomorrow, which means many of today’s heroes will be tomorrow’s monsters, just like as in the present many of yesterday’s heroes are now seen as monsters, for example look at all the statues that have been brought down as a result of the black lives matter movement.

Those men statues have been torn down were once seen as heroes now they are seen as monsters. Many of the people today who we see as heroes will inevitably at some point in the future suffer the same fate. Not just that, the people that people stand-up for today’s values tomorrow will most likely be seen as backwards, the past is again the proof of this. For example take religion, people who stood up for devout religious practices in the past were seen as upstanding citizens, today they are most often seen as backwards.

You and what you fight for today, no matter what it is and how certain you are of its virtue the people who fight for the same things tomorrow will in all probability be seen as backwards. That is normal and entirely logical namely because the human race fundamentally is a collective, what the collective does is seen as normal and for the human race to survive the collective must survive meaning the collective must always use the most proven methods for survival.

What this means is no matter what we fight for today, what we fight for tomorrow will be to replace what it is we fought for yesterday. And this reality can be further proven, ever been sceptical about following a trend, questioned whether it was smart to do so, that’s the process in action. You are questioning the new way and will remain sceptical until it has been proven to you beyond doubt to be superior to the old way. You do this because you want to give yourself the best chance of survival. And the best way to survive is constantly changing.

Think of it like betting on the horses, if you had a choice between betting your life on the race favourite to win or an unproven long shot, what would it take for you to bet on the long shot? A hell of a lot of proof that the long shot is in fact the actual favourite is the likely answer. But there is always a long shot at some point that will beat the favourite, and sometimes that long shot will go on to prove itself to be the future favourite.

But not always which is why we require such high levels of proof. This is of course why more often than not the older people get the harder it is to get them to accept change, as we get older we become more set in our ways mainly because the longer we live the more proof we have that our way works.

For example, imagine a farmer who has one year’s experience versus one that has twenty, which one will be more likely to change the way they are doing things? And before answering that consider this, the one with one year’s experience has only one year of evidence behind them proving that their method is best whereas the one with twenty years has twenty year’s experience behind them proving their method is best.

That is why the young are so open to new ideas while the old are less open, the young have less evidence that the old way works whilst the old have a lifetime of evidence. And as any lawyer will tell you, the more evidence there is against you, the harder it is to prove you’re telling the truth. Or rather the more proof a person has that their way works the more proof that will be required to get them to accept that there is a better way.

So normal is constantly changing because we are all constantly looking for better ways to do things, namely because finding better ways to do things gives us a better chance of surviving. The way we find better ways to do things is by copying from others who we deem to be doing things better than us, but sometimes by copying from others we will ourselves come up with an entirely new way of doing things which we will then more often than not share with others who will copy off us creating an endless chain of changing normal.

The reason it is so difficult to change normal is because if the masses copied an untried and tested method for doing something it could potentially put the survival of the human race at risk should that untried method prove to be detrimental to people’s survival.

Or rather if a new and unproven method was adopted quickly by all humans and that method was actually dangerous then the lives of the entire human race would be at risk. And how many times could the human race survive repeatedly making the same mistake of adopting an untried and tested method that went on to be found to be detrimental in regards to survival.

The reality is it doesn’t matter how many times we could survive it the fact is eventually it would lead to the end of the human race. Which is why any person who wishes to propose a new way for doing things if they want people to take up this new way they are going to have to prove beyond any realm of doubt that the new way is better than the old.

That means if you want to change what is normal, you have to be willing to fight to prove that your way is better. And the proof that you can do this is in the fact that normal is forever changing, and the reason it is forever changing is because people are always looking for better ways to do things. And the proof of this is in the fact that the reason you are likely reading this it because you want to know how normal works no doubt with the intentions of using that knowledge to improve your own life. So the reason normal is forever changing is for the same reason you are reading this, we all are constantly looking for a better way to survive.

If you find a better way to survive, share it with the world but be ready to face the torrent of hell that will come your way as people question its validity, but at the same time be certain that if your way is better it will become the new normal.

That’s all from me for today, stay safe!

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