Meet Joe Black – What If Death Fell in Love with the Living

What it’s about

Disguised as a human, Grim Reaper Joe Black comes to Earth to escort back the soul of media tycoon William Parrish. But Joe’s fascinating journey ends with him falling in love with William’s daughter.

Why you should watch it

What would happen if death fell in love with the living and the only way for them to be together was for death to take the life of the person he loves? This is the tantalising question that is asked in this film, and the journey to the final resolution is executed superbly.

Brad Pitt nails it as death, and Anthony Hopkins as ever puts in a stonking performance as the father of the daughter death loves, fighting to prove to death that he should not take the life of his daughter. This film will make you think about the merits of love at first, and what it means to love full stop.

All in all, most definitely entertaining, most definitely will make you think, most definitely worth watching.

Runtime: 181 minutes

Published by David Graham

Sci-fi and fantasy writer, blogger and photographer emanating from the north-east of England.

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