You Are Not Boring – This Is Why

Quote which reads if people call you boring then you are hanging out with the wrong people

When a person calls you boring, what are they actually saying? That they do not enjoy what you enjoy, and that’s it, they are saying nothing else, you are not boring you just have different likes.

If a person repeatedly calls you boring, and makes you feel like you are a boring person, and that you should have to change yourself to suit them, then that person is not a person that should be in your life.

People in your life should be supportive of you, they should want the best for you, they most definitely should not want you to become someone you are not just to entertain them. They should want you to be happy because you deserve to be happy.

But how can you be happy if you are constantly trying to change yourself because someone accuses you of being boring? You are not and will never be boring, and never let anyone make you feel that you are.

And if someone does call you boring, if people call you boring, then the problem is not you, it is the people you are around. Because let me be clear, one person’s boring is another’s entertaining evening, so if somebody calls you boring yet repeatedly insists upon being in your presence then that someone is the problem not you, meaning the solution is to find new company to be around.

Company that enjoys doing what it is you enjoy doing, company that doesn’t find you boring, but finds you a joy to be around because they love doing what you love doing. And believe me when I say this, there are people out there that love doing what you love doing, you just have to give them a chance to be in your life.

So if somebody thinks you boring, and repeatedly keeps telling you as such clearly as an attempt to manipulate you to change to suit them, remove them from your life and create space for somebody that doesn’t find you boring, and doesn’t want you to change to suit them. Your future self will thank you for doing so.

That’s all from me for today, stay safe!

Published by David Graham

Sci-fi and fantasy writer, blogger and photographer emanating from the north-east of England.

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