How to Use Your Past to Predict Your Future

Being able to see the future is an extremely handy tool, but how do you do it? I will of course get to that but first as ever with the Equations of Life Series I start with an equation:

Understanding of the past + Understanding of the Present = Ability to predict the future

If I said to you, we all can see the future, most would probably say that I was talking rubbish, but I assure you that it is possible and I will prove it.

Ever seen the weather, you are watching a prediction of the future. But then we all know that the weather report isn’t exactly accurate, the question is how do we know that? From our past experience of the weather report, that’s how. So based on our experiences of the past, we can predict the future.

That might not seem like predicting the future, but the principle of the method is the key, so bear with me and let’s keep with it and try something else.

Tonight, I predict that you will wash your teeth, I predict that you will wash your teeth the next night as well, and the night after. I predict that for 99.9% of the people who read this, I have just made an accurate prediction.

So there you have it, I’ve just predicted a part of your future and I’ve not even met you. Again, not a greatly accurate prediction, as I don’t know when you will wash your teeth, nor how, but I do know to a very high probability that you will wash your teeth, and more importantly, I bet you know that you will wash your teeth.

I also bet that unlike in my prediction, where I could only make an educated guess that you will wash your teeth, with no clue when or how, you yourself will know the likely time that you will wash your teeth as well as the method of brushstroke that you will use, the toothbrush that you will use, the toothpaste that you will use, and so much more.

And you’ll know this based on first, past history, you always wash your teeth at this time and in this way, and second, present history, you know what your schedule for the day is, for the week is, perhaps even for the month. And you take all this information, compile and compute it and use it to predict your future teeth brushing endeavours.

But the question is, why do you wash your teeth? Likely because you don’t want to lose them — I predict that to be the most likely reason. You want clean and healthy teeth.

But what happens if despite you brushing your teeth morning and night, they are not staying clean and healthy, and yet you keep washing them the same way, day and night, thinking that if you do so eventually they will become clean and healthy? Would you call this smart, the majority would say no, and yet how many times do we do this with other parts of our lives, from relationships, to friendships, to so much more.

We keep doing the same things, expecting different results, and why do we do this, quite simply because we don’t realise we are doing it. This is why it’s so important to understand that history repeats itself, over and over, that is how the weather can be predicted, it is also how you can be predicted, from me predicting that you will wash your teeth, to the person who is walking all over you, who can predict that they will be able to keep doing so, because on past history they have been able to.

If you do certain actions, you will get certain results. Life is an endless equation, and if you don’t change the numbers, you won’t get a different outcome. For example, if I brush my teeth correctly, they will stay clean and healthy, if I do not brush my teeth at all, they will fall out. No matter what, this is what will happen, the maths cannot be changed, no matter how much you may want it to.

Again, staying with the brushing your teeth example, let’s say the dentist tells you that the brushstroke you are using to clean your teeth is damaging your teeth, would you keep using the same brushstroke?

Of course not, you would change the method of stroke, perhaps even get a new toothbrush, change the brand of toothpaste, perhaps even change your diet, whatever you needed to get your teeth clean and healthy, you likely would do? And you would do that because it would be the smart thing to do, and would lead to positive change, after all, if you know doing something doesn’t work, why would you keep doing it?

The simple answer, while the majority of us have a dentist to look after our teeth, very few of us have a one to look after our lives, meaning what is needed is for people to become their own dentist.

The way we do this is by looking at our present, then looking at our past, and asking ourselves, are we doing the same things in the present that we did in the past. If so, then you know your future, and if you wish to change it, you need to do something different otherwise history will repeat itself.

That’s all from me for today, stay safe.

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